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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

april date night...

so matty planned our april date night. 
it was a blast. 

we went to the ...

(its a festival that shows all documentaries)

to see...

its a documentary on the "original" jackass. 
he had a show on cable tv niagara in the early 90s that was jackass'esque.
this documentary covers his story. 
it was funny but also sad and thoughtful. 
all he wanted to do was make people laugh by doing silly things. 
and he did. then he broke his neck with one of his stunts.

the fun parts of festivals is that he (ralph) was there. 
and it was the first time he had seen the full documentary.
he answered some questions, 
and handed out popcorn
at the beginning of the show from a pink bag (pillow case) 
that he called the hairy bag of popcorn.
made me laugh. 

(ralph is on the far right)

after the screening we went out for a late dinner at hemmingways.

date nights are the BEST.

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