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Monday, May 16, 2011

blogging end...

blogging is fun. 
but i think its the end for this shortly-lived blog. 
i like doing things well (not half-assed). 
and i dont feel like i am doing this blog well.
i cant seem to find the time and energy into making it what i want. 
so it has become a jumble of randomness {which is fine}, but not really what i wanted out of it. 
this past week of not blogging has been nice. 
so i think i am going to try that for a while.

doesnt mean i wont be back here. 
but for now...i think this is best.

thanks for anyone who read any of it.


  1. take your time and come back when you're ready. would love to hear from you.


  2. aw allison! i am sad, i liked reading your blog:)
    but, i totally know what you mean. sometimes i feel that way about my blog too. hopefully you change your mind and come back to update us sometime, but it sucks when it becomes more of a chore, rather than something fun to do.
    sometimes it's nice to take a break from it too. anyway, i always come check up on your blog, i think it's sweet <3