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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5 things.

1. This winter has been abnormally mild. 
In some ways, I enjoy the more mild weather when I am out walking or running with the dog. However, I wish there was white snow, rather than the muddy, wet grossness that is the current state outside right now. I wish we could enjoy more winter activities while it is (supposed to be) here. Or I wish the temperature was just a little warmer with some more sun to make us feel like it's spring. In the end, it would just make me happy if the weather would just make up it's mind and be either Winter or Spring. This in between is getting tiring.  

2. Post-blood type diet - I am thoroughly enjoying food again. 
The diet was not for me and although I am indulging a little than I probably should - it's nice to be back. I think my favourites to be enjoying again are cheese (all kinds), tea, peppers, anything mexican, steak and bacon. YUM!!
The secret (ok it isn't really a secret) is out - I LOVE food. And am thoroughly enjoying it again.
(Past posts about this diet can be viewed here)

3. I can't believe March is just around the corner (tomorrow to be exact!). 
Time seems to be flying so my wish in #1 might come true soon, and we will hopefully have some spring-like weather more often than not! March is also a very busy month for Matty and I. We have 3 road trips planned to visit fun people and places. 

4. Next week (or the week after) - my friend and I are challenging each other to not wear black
I own a LOT of black. I wear it almost everyday in some piece of clothing or another. So bring on the colour challenge to kick start early spring! A few exceptions include: black tights, black shoes (or I would have nothing to wear on my feet!) and a pattern with black is ok (we are meeting on Thursday to work out all the challenge details). 

5. Most of the time my brain thinks in random thoughts like this. 
No connection to each other, no flow, just random things floating around with no where to go. I think that is why I like this blog...it captures the random thoughts for me so I can move on with my day to other equally as random things.
(I am pretty sure this is one of the things about me that drives Matty nuts!)

A am currently loving this song!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

weekend adventures.

It was a great weekend. 
After starting off feeling rather sick on friday...my body seemed to push it through quickly. 
Matty and I went up to visit some friends and enjoy some fun in the snow, with some delicious food, 90s trivial pursuit, and some brewskies. 

Here is a little video recap. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

dreaming of....

In 2005 I went on an adventure around the world with a friend of mine. we visited...
London (England. not Ontario), New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, 
Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Bali. 
A co-worker has just returned from visiting Cambodia and Bali. It has made me reminisce about my trip and the wonderful memories I have.  

So here are a few pics of 
bali beaches.

A - Bali - beach sunset by a*imrie 
 photos by a*imrie on Flickr.

Monday, February 20, 2012

this weekend involved....

dropping off some pretty flowers to a pretty lady. 

visits and pictures with little gwen. 

watched bad teacher. 
and then the westminster dog show (rufus was LOVING it).

hosted dinner for 4. meat-a-licious was a success.

visited the family and had some snuggle time with madeline (!) 

had date day...brunch and a matinee. 

4 days off in a row is FABULOUS.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

eat right for your type. week 3

Well it has been 2 full weeks of eating for my blood type. 

so far I have noticed the following: 
  • I am constantly hungry
  • I am moody and mainly grumpy
  • I have put on 5lbs
  • I feel less bloating and seem to have had less "feeling fat" days - but I don't get either of those very often anyways.
The first 3 items are enough for me to conclude this diet is not for me! 

I am going to continue following the diet, while slowly adding things I have eliminated and missed to see how my body reacts as I re-introduce them. 

So far I added butter yesterday, and there was no reaction at all. No more dry toast! Yippee! 
Today I had my first black tea (plain old orange pekoe) in 15 days and boy did I miss it! It wasn't as smooth of a re-introduction as the butter, so I will be sure to limit my intake.

So that is that. Half way through the month! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentines day.

I am not one to fuss over Valentine's day. 

I don't agree with asking people (mainly men) to fork out all this money for expensive flowers, jewellery and chocolates because the calendar (or a business) says so. 

I do, however, agree with celebrating love. I am blessed to have a lot of people around me who I love and am lucky to have a pretty great guy to share it all with. 

So instead of opting for spending money - we are going to make one of our favourite meals and really enjoy just being us...together...in our comfy pants...eating some favourite foods.
That to me...is absolute happiness. 


Friday, February 10, 2012

the good, the bad, the ugly

The Ugly. 
~My mood these days (can we say grumpy?!)
~The forecast of minus 20 degrees Celsius tomorrow...so cold.

The Bad. 
~Finding dog hair in my cup of tea....super gross.
~Realizing I haven't used my camera since the Winter Wonderland Weekend...what is WRONG with me?! 
~The shopping withdrawal I am going through. Must stay strong and save instead of spend.

The Good. 
~An upcoming MOVIE filled weekend
~Just the weekend...in general
~The new show SMASH 
~My (soon-to-be) sister in law is going to teach me how to knit, score!
~Sunshine. It's all around Toronto these days and it is glorious (except for today)
~Honey and Avocado's. I put that sh*t on everything!
~My friend is having a baby today!!!!! 
~My dog when he pushes his face into my body when he is feeling sucky. It's ah-dorable! 

Maybe on a more positive spin - I will change this next week to The Bad, The Good, The FABULOUS?! I clearly have more in the positive column than in the Ugly column. 
Also, I am thinking of doing a new fabulous project when my birthday rolls around (not till May...I told you I was a planner). 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

eat right for your type - week one.

Well it has been a week of trying the new "diet". 
So far it has been ... let's say ... interesting

The biggest conclusion ~ it is very much a diet that you have to make your own food ALL the time. Being away from home for a couple days put a little snag into the diet plans. 
Read: the diet went out the window for superbowl sunday. 

Other than the one day of slip up - I am following it and not necessarily loving it so far. I haven't noticed a huge change in how I feel (I'll spare the details), although I believe it is affecting my mood - as I am often grumpy (which if you know me, is NOT normal). 

I am finding it challenging to find suitable snacks on top of constantly making food. It definitely takes a lot more time than throwing easy meals together, like I am used to doing. I am sure after a while it would become second nature, but we will see if there is any benefit before deciding on continuing or not.

The first week of food consisted of: 
~black bean and couscous salad (with a few substitutes)
~apple, walnut pasta salad
~lots of avocado on various things
~lots of fruits and veggies
~rice cakes and pb and honey
~lots of lemon water and green tea
~chicken fried rice
~chicken and veggie stirfry
~turkey tostadas (which were very strange to eat without salsa!)

First week done. 
Week two - here we go! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

merci mon ami

A week and a bit ago I had a Friday off and decided to meet the mister for lunch. 
He kept raving about this sandwich place he frequently goes to for eats during the work week. 
So...we tried it out. And there is good reason for anyone in Toronto to check this place out. 

Merci Mon Ami was delicious. 
(Click here for a proper review)

We both had the special sandwich of the day - Chipotle Chicken with a side salad. 
It was unbelievably scrumptious from the soft yet crunchy bread (my fav) and
all the delicious fillings of caramelized onions, lettuce, avocado...there was more but I can't remember...other than drooling and wanting to go back. 

The $5 beers on tap were a bonus to the already delicious sandwich. 

Give it a go if you are looking for some lunch. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

the good. the bad. the ugly.

Let's go backwards to end on the good, shall we?!

~ Dropped a plate on my baby toe; it's swollen (so I can't wear most of my shoes), and I'm walking funny.
~ TOTAL bad mood Wednesday evening.
~ The amount of MUD on my winter jacket. Really need to wash it.

~ The really gloomy, cold, windy day that followed the really nice sunny day...can spring come early like Wiarton Willy said?!
~ Having to say no to a friends wedding (too much $ and time)
~ Modern family re-reuns?! What's with that?!

THE GOOD (really good)
~ +10 celcius in JANUARY. it doesn't get better than that!
~ Gossip girl REVEALED!
~ Couscous, pasta salad, homemade chicken fried rice = successful first week meals for my Eat Right For Your Type (ERFYT) diet.
~ That bad mood Wednesday night - somehow Matty got me out of it without me even noticing...not sure how he does that...secret powers I think.
~ Finishing Dexter Season 6 - finally! WOOOZERS.
~ Weekend plans - things to look forward to.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Febphotoaday Challenge.

I am going to do this. Just for fun. Now that it is so accessible with the new phone!
It's from fatmumslim!

I am going to post the pics on Instagram and Twitter.
@allisonimrie - Instagram
@imriella - Twitter