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Monday, May 16, 2011

blogging end...

blogging is fun. 
but i think its the end for this shortly-lived blog. 
i like doing things well (not half-assed). 
and i dont feel like i am doing this blog well.
i cant seem to find the time and energy into making it what i want. 
so it has become a jumble of randomness {which is fine}, but not really what i wanted out of it. 
this past week of not blogging has been nice. 
so i think i am going to try that for a while.

doesnt mean i wont be back here. 
but for now...i think this is best.

thanks for anyone who read any of it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

currently, i am in the busiest week. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011


today i am going to start a 3 part pinterest
about my younger boy crushes
i think all of them deserve a post to themselves.

part one.

adam brody.

hello delicious. 

obviously i started watching him on the oc.
i caught the very first episode and was hooked. 
i ended up watching all seasons...even though it was terrible at the end. 

so many good things. 
the stubble. the shaggy hair. 
the nerd. the ties. the dark brown eyes.
just...oh so good. 


(image source 1, 2, 3)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

april date night...

so matty planned our april date night. 
it was a blast. 

we went to the ...

(its a festival that shows all documentaries)

to see...

its a documentary on the "original" jackass. 
he had a show on cable tv niagara in the early 90s that was jackass'esque.
this documentary covers his story. 
it was funny but also sad and thoughtful. 
all he wanted to do was make people laugh by doing silly things. 
and he did. then he broke his neck with one of his stunts.

the fun parts of festivals is that he (ralph) was there. 
and it was the first time he had seen the full documentary.
he answered some questions, 
and handed out popcorn
at the beginning of the show from a pink bag (pillow case) 
that he called the hairy bag of popcorn.
made me laugh. 

(ralph is on the far right)

after the screening we went out for a late dinner at hemmingways.

date nights are the BEST.

Monday, May 2, 2011

may goals...

may goals!

i will repeat what i am hearing everywhere else. 
its may already!?!?!
this year is FLYING by!

so a new month means new goals. 
(i am going to try and blog about all the goals
so its more fun for me and you!)

~ adventure to high park cherry blossoms
~ run outside 2x per week
(regardless of the weather...its still not very nice in toronto)
~ finish reading my book
~ get 2 books from the library
~ start/finish a photo project for the apartment
~ go to {at least} 1 patio to enjoy sunshine and drinks


Sunday, May 1, 2011

april goal wrap-up...

april goals

~finish reading my book
~eat a poutine
~reconnect with an old friend
~finish research project 
~re-paint a room in my moms house
~go on {at least} 1 photo taking adventure

(i linked the 2 goals i blogged about)

well...i did pretty well this month.
i almost reached all the goals. 
it was a good month. 

ill be back tomorrow with may goals.