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Sunday, April 10, 2011

ethans birthday...

this weekend i had the chance to re-connect with a friend. 
it was her sons 2nd birthday - and oh my he has grown!

i haven't seen her in quite some time, 
with our busy lives we just didn't make time for each other.
and before we knew it, too much time had passed.  

so this was step 1 in getting back in touch. 

(mom, dad, birthday boy (ethan) and birthday girl (cousin avery)

they had a huge play place rented out for the birthday boy and birthday girl. 
even the adults were able to break out their inner child. 

i hope one day when i have kids they will be
close like these cousins are! 
the hugs they were giving each other was soo cute.

happy birthday ethan (and avery!). 
what a fun saturday morning. 


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