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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


a random collection of thoughts...

random #1
finished my book last night!
(i read the help)
6 days into april and finished a goal already! 

random #2
its a busy week, but i have friday off. 
so i am looking forward to running all my errands and having a productive day off. 

random #3
i got my toms in the mail yesterday!!!
(see this post for more details)
i think in the near future i will post some of the *new* things i have gotten. 

random #4
me & matty at the jays home opener.
i love this man more and more everyday.

any random thoughts for your day?


  1. did you like that book?! it seems to be a big it, i was thinking of maybe reading it too.

    aw yay! go jays! i can't wait to go to a game.

    oooh toms! you are going to LOVE them. i love mine so much, they are my most comfortable pair of shoes, i swear :)


  2. the help was good. not the best book ever, but an interesting read about the US south. its worth reading forsure.

    and YES i LOVE my toms now. they are the go to shoe, just in time for this nice weather :)