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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

afternoon rambling...

saying sorry. making excuses.

we all seem to know those words too well.
we all say sorry ... for not blogging enough, for not visiting enough, for not calling enough, for not doing enough. 
we all make excuses ... for being too busy, for being absent, for not calling or visiting. 

there always seems to be something. 

what if we just stopped. 
stopped saying sorry. 
stopped making excuses. 

what if we just let our lives be what they are - and enjoyed it that way. 

don't feel sorry for not seeing or calling the friend that lives across the country...just enjoy the visits (even if they are short and far between). 
don't make excuses for not getting back in touch with that "old friend" you ran into and talked about getting together to catch up. sometimes people move on and friendships should too. 
don't feel bad for not doing what others thought you were going to do.

just enjoy what you are doing, when you are doing it. 
enjoy who you spend your time with.
enjoy what you spend your time doing. 
if you aren't enjoying it - then acknowledge that and take steps to change it. 

personally, i think i enjoy my life and live in the moment as best i can. 
i am a planner at heart, and sometimes look to the future too often instead of enjoying the present moment. i learned this about myself in my late teens and have worked on that ever since. however, i still make excuses and say sorry. 

and i want to get even better.
i want to own what i spend my time on...all the time. 
not feel sorry. not make up excuses.

these are my thoughts for the day. 


  1. allison, i love how your 'ramblings' come out with so much grace and dignity. you have an amazing way with words. thanks for sharing this. xoxo

    you are so right allison!!!
    sometimes we just need to stop and think about what we are doing and live for the moment!
    thanks for reminding me :)

    hope all is well and i hope to see you soon.

  3. thanks chrissy - i have never really been a good writer, but love to do it...so i appreciate your comment!

    julie - i hope we can work out a hangout sometime soon! would be great to see you/pete and your place!