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Monday, April 18, 2011

much love mondays...

(via weheartit)

today im loving....
short work weeks!

its a short week because of easter. 
i have friday off and am taking thursday as a holiday. 
3 days of work & 4 days off in a row is bliss :)

i am heading to see my mom wednesday night. 
we have some fun plans for our couple days together.
so that is what i am loving today. 

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  1. that's such a cute photo :) love it!

    love jojo xx


  2. Agreed, short work weeks are the best!! I had Monday off from last weekend and then I get Friday as well :) Happy Easter!

  3. i wish i could take credit for the photo, but cant. i might try and re-create the concept though!

    thanks for stopping by jojo and heidi!
    happy easter weekend to you both :)