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Monday, April 4, 2011

much love mondays...

today i am loving...

(unfortunately, i dont have grandparents pictures...need to scan some in)

i lost all my grandparents when i was relatively young. 
the one i was closest too passed in 2003
i miss them all terribly. 
grandparents are such a wonderful link to your family and your history.
there's nothing like them.

last night we were able to spend some time with matty's grandpa. 
he is the sweetest man with so many amazing stories. 
he is an engineer and built so many bridges and things in ottawa.
he recently lost his wife of 56 years. 
i think its incredible that there are people who can say they were 
married to the love of their life for 56 years! 

so today...i remember my grandparents...
and smile.


play along with anna and friends at her amazing blog much love


  1. love much love blog! also loving your blog too lady! so lovely! x

  2. thanks anna!!!
    your photos are such a great start to my day :)