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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 wrap up

i spent most of the year not writing here. but ill do a little wrap up to capture what the year brought me. 

  • wonderful trips: road trip to ottawa to visit friends, louisville with my mom and brother, hawaii with my family and man
  • additions to my family - a dog (rufus mcfly!) and a beautiful niece (madeline)
  • attended 2 weddings and countless babies were born
  • cottage weekends
  • lots and lots and lots of visiting with family and friends
  • foo fighters in concert
  • beerfest
  • went camping, rock climbing and to canada's wonderland
  • co-hosted 2 baby showers 
  • found out my blood type is A- (i didnt know before!)
  • tried turkey poutine for the first time (my man's creation - and it was delicious)
  • took A LOT of photos. 

the end of 2011 brings new possibilities for a year of fun adventures in 2012...
will post some 2012 goals soon.

i cant believe its almost 2012. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

white christmas

well christmas has come and gone so quickly. 
it always happens so fast. 

but our tree is still up and the lights are still bright. 
hopefully for another week or so. 

in ottawa, it snowed for christmas! 
we had a wonderful time with matt's family celebrating the holiday. 
we were lucky to stay at his aunt's house which is by the river. 
sometimes being a dog owner can be a pain with the twice daily walks ...
especially in the cold rain (that has been many a nights here in toronto)
so taking rufus for walks along the paths by the river was a wonderful treat. 

the trees were covered, steam on the river and the bright sunlight pouring through. 

it was such a fabulous weekend. i am sad it came and went so quickly. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas

it's that time of year. 
the last day in the office for this year. everyone is feeling a little anxious for the end of the work day and the beginning of holidays / christmas time!

it just won't come fast enough. 

so i will spend my day trying to get some work done. 
and thinking about the upcoming fun adventures. 

and wishing people a Merry Christmas.
enjoy your time...whatever it is you do during this time of year.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011


yesterday i went to my friends house to visit her 11 day old baby.
she is the cutest little lady. 
i took a few pictures of her while i was there. 
i am by no means a photographer - but i enjoy taking pictures, especially for people i love. 

here are a few shots. 

she is sweet. i cant wait to watch her grow up. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

i might start posting again....

well it has been a long break - but i think i might start posting on this little corner of the internet again. 

im not going to hold myself to a schedule or put any pressure. but i miss writing somewhere. and i think i would enjoy having this place to come to once again to capture the happenings of my days. 

it's Christmas time - and although we have no snow (i have been praying for snow!) - everything else feels like 'the most wonderful time of the year'. between parties, shopping, decorating, excitement for time off and spending loads of time with family and friends - there is a lot of Christmas cheer to go around. 

Christmas was never an exciting time for me. growing up it was filled with some good memories but often it was a hard time in my family. the last few years i have been able to create fantastic memories with those around me and i find myself getting into the spirit a whole lot more. Christmas music has made a debut onto my ipod and i have been driving matt nuts with it. less than a week and it will all be over matt. 

this past weekend was my family 'Christmas'. as we wont all be together on Dec 25th, we spent the weekend doing Christmas things (putting up the tree, exchanging gifts, eating WAY too many calories). 

it was a wonderful time. and i look forward to the rest of the festivities over the next week. 

xo. allison

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

there are so many good and not-so-good things happening these days. 
between babies (5 in the last 2 months!), illness/disease and the holidays
...its hard to stay focused on anything. 

in the end...it all helps me appreciate the people and love i have in my life. 

and i look forward to some time away from the desk with camera in hand to capture family and friends making memories.