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Monday, December 19, 2011

i might start posting again....

well it has been a long break - but i think i might start posting on this little corner of the internet again. 

im not going to hold myself to a schedule or put any pressure. but i miss writing somewhere. and i think i would enjoy having this place to come to once again to capture the happenings of my days. 

it's Christmas time - and although we have no snow (i have been praying for snow!) - everything else feels like 'the most wonderful time of the year'. between parties, shopping, decorating, excitement for time off and spending loads of time with family and friends - there is a lot of Christmas cheer to go around. 

Christmas was never an exciting time for me. growing up it was filled with some good memories but often it was a hard time in my family. the last few years i have been able to create fantastic memories with those around me and i find myself getting into the spirit a whole lot more. Christmas music has made a debut onto my ipod and i have been driving matt nuts with it. less than a week and it will all be over matt. 

this past weekend was my family 'Christmas'. as we wont all be together on Dec 25th, we spent the weekend doing Christmas things (putting up the tree, exchanging gifts, eating WAY too many calories). 

it was a wonderful time. and i look forward to the rest of the festivities over the next week. 

xo. allison

1 comment:

  1. glad you're back allison!!! :)

    cute photo of you too!

    looking forward to more updates