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Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 wrap up

i spent most of the year not writing here. but ill do a little wrap up to capture what the year brought me. 

  • wonderful trips: road trip to ottawa to visit friends, louisville with my mom and brother, hawaii with my family and man
  • additions to my family - a dog (rufus mcfly!) and a beautiful niece (madeline)
  • attended 2 weddings and countless babies were born
  • cottage weekends
  • lots and lots and lots of visiting with family and friends
  • foo fighters in concert
  • beerfest
  • went camping, rock climbing and to canada's wonderland
  • co-hosted 2 baby showers 
  • found out my blood type is A- (i didnt know before!)
  • tried turkey poutine for the first time (my man's creation - and it was delicious)
  • took A LOT of photos. 

the end of 2011 brings new possibilities for a year of fun adventures in 2012...
will post some 2012 goals soon.

i cant believe its almost 2012. 

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