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Monday, January 2, 2012

2012...here we come!

the years are flying by these days. i am not the only one who seems to feel this. 
so in order to enjoy the time while it flies by...here are some things i hope for in 2012. 

~save save save! its going to be a frugal year as i am saving for some special things.
~special monthly dates with matty (we've made an envelope with dates and will pick one to do each month.
~take a week vacation at the cottage in the summer
~help my mom with some projects around her house
~try (at least) one new recipe a month from my cookbook
~lots of visits with my niece and friends babies :)
~build up my muscles - i have lost some muscle mass this past year and will work on getting it back

its going to be another year of visiting, picture taking and hiking with the dog. 
i look forward to everything it brings.


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