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Thursday, January 26, 2012

more thoughts on time.

a while ago i wrote about time
how fast its moving and how i wish it would slow down. 

after a chat with my man - maybe it is us who must slow down

we have so many AMAZING people in our lives that we want to see all the time.
we end up feeling like we arent seeing those amazing people enough. 

so we end up keeping ourselves so busy with so many plans
a lot of the plans involve travel/car/gas/sleepovers. 

which ends in exhaustion, good stories and piles of laundry. 

in all cases we enjoy the trips, the seeing of people and the time spent away.

but we dont feel like we are taking advantage of living in this amazing city as we should. we are running around visiting everywhere and end up never having free time to do something spontaneous or see people that make last minute plans or take an adventure IN the city. 

i am a planner by nature. 
but even the plans these days are becoming too much

maybe we will make february the month of no plans?!


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