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Saturday, January 14, 2012


its really cold in toronto today. 
i am not someone who loves the cold weather. 
i like snow, i dont mind winter...but this is a little colder than i like. 

so instead i am trying to appreciate it. 
living in canada (especially in ontario) we are so lucky
 to be able to experience all 4 seasons. 
like everything, i find good and not so good things in every season. 

spring is by far my favourite. 
the colours come back (after a long grey winter). 
the flowers bloom. the grass grows. the leaves bring the gorgeous green. 
i was born in spring. maybe that has something to do with it to?!

so in lieu of the cold. i bundled up and walked the dog. 
and now have snuggled up for the evening.
with some hot chocolate/baileys, a fire and some friends.

happy weekends!

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