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Monday, January 30, 2012

eat right for your type

On Feb. 1st I am starting a Eat Right For Your Type trial diet. The theory is from Dr. D'Adamo and this is the version of the book that I read. The reason behind choosing to try this is mostly because I am curious to see if I will feel differently when I cut out foods that the theory claims are foods I should avoid.

I am generally pretty healthy (although i could use more exercise these days!) - but I am interested to see if the suggested diet will give me more energy and just generally make me feel better than I do now. And maybe I am just looking for a little bit of a challenge.

I am Type A (A neg blood). Which is a rather rare kind of blood ~ around 3% of the population has A- blood. I am going to make a conscious effort to become a regular blood donor since it is a rather rare type.

According to D'Adamo - this blood type has an internalized relationship to stress which increases my risk for cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and noteably hypertension and anxiety issues (which is something I struggle with). The book recommend low impact/calming exercises like yoga, swimming and walking as more intense exercise is too stressful on the body. 

The Food
The book recommends a mostly vegetarian diet (with the exception of chicken, turkey and some fish) and very organic, whole foods. I won't put a full list of food as it would be too long but luckily I won't need to make too many changes to my current diet... 

...I think the hardest things to cut out will be:

  • black tea (I drink a tea a day...at least)...apparently I am allowed coffee but I have never been able to stand the smell of coffee ~ maybe I should give it a try?!
  • steak, burgers and BACON! Although I don't eat a lot of meat as it is, it will be a change to not eat a steak or bacon every now and then!
  • peppers - I LOVE peppers of all colours, I eat them at least 5 times a week, so this will be a difficult one to cut out
  • banana's
  • milk
  • cereal - at work I eat cereal everyday...so will need to get a new breakfast idea!
  • tomatoes! I dont eat a lot of tomatoes now anyways - but I eat a lot of salsa, so I will have to change that to hummus and guac instead
 So here's to a new challenge and seeing how my body reacts!


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