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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the 4 w's.

winter wonderland weekend wedding
(image and text heavy)

the weekend was spent at the chateau montebello in montebello quebec, canada.
 (check out the link if you want to see the luxury). 

matty and i decided to take the friday off and enjoy as much time at the hotel as possible. 
so thursday evening we left toronto and drove to peterborough where we had a visit with my mom and left our dog for the weekend. we were up early friday for the rest of the drive. 

we arrived early afternoon. our room wasn't ready, so we sat ourselves down on the couches around the massive 6 fireplace stone centerpiece and i read my book and visited with people as they arrived. 
(perfect relaxing spot)

this main lobby was absolutely stunning. 
the fireplace is obviously the focal point with many comfortable seats around. 
there is a piano where live music was played in the evenings and a bar to get drinks. 

friday evening was a planned curling / food / drinks event at the curling club on the property.
the crowd seemed to really enjoy the curling tournament and skills competition. 
there were 2 toasts (one from the maid of honor and one from the best man). 
they had a lovely spread of food and drinks for everyone to enjoy. 
it was a great way to catch up / meet people who would be at the wedding the next day. 
after the curling was shut down we proceeded to the basement pub in the main building for some foosball, a live jazz band and dancing. 
(scrumptious eats)

we were up early saturday and enjoyed the hotel's breakfast buffet. 
the food was good but the price was expensive and we were short on time (breakfast buffet closed at 10:30 and we arrived at 10).

in the afternoon the bride and groom had organized activities (outdoor hockey, sleigh ride, cross country skiing etc.) for everyone to enjoy. erin and i opted to snowshoe, which i have to say is really just a harder version of walking unless the snow is deep - so i didnt really see the excitement, however it was fantastic to get outside in the fresh air and sun. the hotel provides many different activities such as, dog sledding, tubing, skating rink etc. 

the wedding was at 5:30 in the main lobby. the ceremony was performed by a close friend who did a phenomenal job. the bride looked STUNNING and the groom very handsome. 
after the ceremony, there was cocktails and food on the mezzanine where the parents did their toast to the couple. finally, the couple thanked everyone for being there and we went into eat dinner. 

(i wish i got a better picture of the ceremony - this one is borrow from the mother of the bride)

the dinner was delicious and the dancing started not long after. the dance floor was consistently packed with many booty's shaking (young and old). 
(group circle dance)

the weekend ended with a delicious brunch at a place down the road where i had the most delicious poutine and western sandwich. we told stories from the weekend and then went on our various ways to return back to real life. 

it was a wonderful winter wonderland weekend extravaganza. 
(the gorgeous invite)

and i would highly recommend montebello as a special weekend getaway. 
it isnt a cheap place - but you definitely get your money's worth!


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