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Friday, January 13, 2012

back to school.

rufus mcfly is going back to school. we had our first class last night.
generally he is a very well behaved dog for being only 9 months old. 
but there are some things, as dog owners, we feel need some work. 

so i am going to track our progress as homework. 
it was recommended to write down what we work on and progress rufus has with the training to use as a reference. this is the avenue i am going to use. 

last night we worked on the following: 

eye contact. 
when rufus gave us eye contact, we clicked and gave him a treat. easy peasy. 
rufus is ok at this - but definitely needs some work.

this is when we put our palm out in various locations and rufus is to touch his nose to our palm. 
this will be helpful in being able to move him when / where we need to when out and about.
we have never tried this before, so rufus was learning relatively quickly.

doggie zen.
putting the treat in the hand or on the floor and if rufus waits instead of jumping on it - he gets the treat. 
rufus is already pretty good at this...so we will just work on this one. 

hopefully we are on the road to a well behaved dog!

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