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Thursday, May 31, 2012

update of nothing.


I can't believe May is actually over (as of tomorrow.) 
It was a fabulous month, filled with lots of fun adventures (Jays game, birthday dinners, cottage weekend, sporting life 10km, celebrating wonderful mothers and eating lots of good food). 

June becomes the month of birthdays in my family - my mom, brother, niece, (soon-to-be) sister in law and my dad. June is also going to bring some weekends at home and another cottage weekend (we just decided!)...oh and the longest day of the year. 

Currently I am loving: 
~ the many hours of daylight we are getting (!)
~ seeing my niece tonight and spending the day with her (and my sister in law) tomorrow (!)
~ my morning tea
~ pampering this weekend (finally getting my hair cut and indulging in a massage)
~ anything BBQ'd
~ upcoming plans
~ the flowers in the garden
~ open toed shoes

I hope you have a nice weekend. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

52 FAB - week 1

For my first week of FABULOUS - my fab for the week is actually work-related! 

Recently I was trained as a car seat technician at work, and this week I was able to do my first car seat clinic with the Peel Paramedic Association in Mississauga. It was a little nerve racking, as I had never fully installed a car seat before (since I have no kids, I have not had the pleasure...or frustration). 

But...the day was seriously fabulous. 
The weather was gorgeous (and I ended up with a burn to prove it). 
We were outside for 4 hours helping parents or soon to be parents install their car seat safely was so fulfilling knowing I was helping ease their minds and improve the safety of their children. 

Throughout training I was shocked at how complicated car seat installation can be, and how frustrating it must be for parents who have so much to think about and plan for their new addition and most likely haven't received any information about car seat installation, other than the manual. Every car and every car seat work differently together, so it is always a challenge and there is no one perfect way to install, however there is always a safest way. According to the OPP clinics, around 80% of the car seats they see are not installed correctly...this number was shocking to me! With all of the things parents do for their children, keeping them safe in a car should be pretty high on the list, but I can appreciate it is hard to know what is the safest.

So as a plug for prevention and safety (which is my job) - if you are having a baby, please take advantage of car seat clinics (most of them are free - check out St. John Ambulance, OPP or paramedics in your area for clinic dates and times). They will provide you with the proper information and help you install your car seat so that it is safe.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

5*things - random edition

1. May is still my favourite month, and with all the exciting adventures (see here and here) it lived up to every expectation and the weather blew EVERYTHING out of the water. It was unbelievable gorgeous here this month, and I am so happy to have thoroughly enjoyed all the outside time, and hope it continues through the summer!

2. I got cirque du soleil tickets (this show) for my birthday (I LOVE these shows); as well as tickets to see my favourite punk band face to face. Isn't it fabulous when birthday's keep giving in events like these, will be nice to have both of those nights out with awesome people. 

3.  BBQ is the best. 

4. We had dinner last night with my brother at The Harbord Room - it was delicious, the atmosphere was very chill ~ we had a great time. I would definitely recommend checking this place out. 

5. I am going to do a (new) year long fabulous project. When I was 29 - I decided to do a 365 day fabulous project, where I found something fabulous in/about every day. It was wonderful and I wish I had this blog at the time, but I logged it on livejournal and deleted my account (silly me!). So this year I am going to do a 52 FAB - and post 1 thing each week that (to me) is fabulous. I am starting this week - so look for that coming soon!

Friday, May 18, 2012


This past week has been busy and fabulous. 
Matt and I celebrated our 2 wonderful mothers (and thought of countless others who make this world go round). 

We ran the Sporting Life 10km race for kids with cancer (my first, his second race ever). It was the largest race in Toronto with 25,000 participants signed up! 

We celebrated his birthday and went to a Jays game.

(so handsome!)
And my birthday was celebrated with delicious fajitas and a pending trip to the cottage (we are leaving in T minus 4 hours - eeek!)
This weekend will be filled with work, visiting and hopefully lots of outdoor time, a great Canadian long weekend...is it time yet?!

Happy long weekend for matty, rufus and myself! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

hair play...

So Carly from miss teacups did a post a while back about her different hairstyles over the years, so I had some fun looking back at my different hair do's. For a while I did a lot with my hair! The following is a collection from 2007 till now. I would love to go back to my printed pics and scan some of those in - I had some interesting haircuts over time!


Ever since my mom let me grow my hair out in grade 7 (I had short hair until then...very BOY like!) - I have grown my hair long and then chopped it all off. The process continues, I chopped it in November and am back on the mission to grow it back. 

Well that was fun! I think hair is a person's best accessory...Maybe it's time to do something fun with mine again! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

may adventures.


may is my favourite month of the year. it brings birthdays, cottage time, COLOUR, plants and flowers, warmer weather, sunshine and the idea that anything is possible

this month is going to consist of (and had already)...
~ swiss chalet dinner treat
~ visiting sky, nicole & cohen
~ doing stuff around the house: gardening, putting up patio lights (!), needed car clean 
~ seeing jenny and gwen and taking 5 month pictures :)
~ my first 10km running race
~ celebrating mothers day 
~ dinner for matt's dad's birthday
~ matt & my birthday (!) 
~ cottage weekend (!)
~ back deck relaxing
~ lots of runs and park time with rufus
~ blue jays game
~ watched hunger games (so good!)

life is good. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

First cottage weekend...

Last weekend I went to the cottage with my BFF for a weekend of work and relaxation. We had a lovely time at "Hotel Healey" - her parents took great care of us. We ate delicious meals (including pancakes and bacon, chicken salad, turkey dinner and baguette french toast), sat by the fire listening to non-stop acoustic (my favourite), lots of good conversation and I even got some work done around our cottage.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


i think i would like to re-create this!

1. I have been out of town for the last three weekends. I am craving some fut-zing around the house and sleeping in (even though I can never really sleep in) this weekend. 

2. Today is MAY. I love MAY, it is my favourite month for many reasons. Julie is doing a month of May love - check it out over here

3. Matty came home with a surprise for me - a new JAYS hat! Not only it is fabulous, it is the first new hat I have gotten in 7 years...I was still wearing my ratty Puma hat that has survived many adventures (and countries!) when I was travelling. It might be time for it to retire, now that I have a new snazzy one.

4. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom in High Park a couple weeks ago. It is my FAVOURITE time of year in the park. I did not get a chance to go and sit amongst them, but enjoyed running through the park enjoying the beautiful colours, smells and scenery. To read more about the history of the Cherry Blossoms click here

5. I really desperately need to get my huur did. But for some reason keep putting off making an appointment. I am in that ~ trying to grow it out and don't want to cut it, but know that I should cut it so it will grow faster phase. Oh and I have so many grey hairs poking through...Matty calls them "blonde" highlights, it's cute...but definitely not true. Gotta get on that hair dye too.