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Thursday, May 10, 2012

hair play...

So Carly from miss teacups did a post a while back about her different hairstyles over the years, so I had some fun looking back at my different hair do's. For a while I did a lot with my hair! The following is a collection from 2007 till now. I would love to go back to my printed pics and scan some of those in - I had some interesting haircuts over time!


Ever since my mom let me grow my hair out in grade 7 (I had short hair until then...very BOY like!) - I have grown my hair long and then chopped it all off. The process continues, I chopped it in November and am back on the mission to grow it back. 

Well that was fun! I think hair is a person's best accessory...Maybe it's time to do something fun with mine again! 

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