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Thursday, April 21, 2011


(treats i made and hid for people)

its easter weekend. 
and to me that means family time. 

this year is a little different. 
my brothers and i usually have a crazy easter egg hunt.
yes, even in our 30s. 
since none of us have kids yet, we kept the tradition alive. 
mom would hide chocolate eggs and we would find them.
it was usually fast, physical and oh so much fun. 
(at the end we divvied up the eggs so everyone has equal chocolates)

this year everyone is very busy. 
one brother is working. the other brother is with the other side of his family. 
so its my mom and i for a couple days. 
lots of mother/daughter bonding.
until we join matt and his family for a nice joint family dinner. 

whatever you are doing this weekend, 
whether its a holiday or not. 
i hope you enjoy. 


1 comment:

  1. happy easter weekend allison! that is so cute that you guys still do a hunt!:) last easter i did an easter egg hunt for my brothers, sis-in-law, and pete and it was so fun :)

    saw matt last night at the concert, we were all asking for you! you guys need to come over soon!!!