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Saturday, March 19, 2011


this week i am posting from my wish board.

i set a goal for myself and completed it yesterday. 
it is SOO exciting as i have been working towards it for a while! 
now i get to treat myself with my reward. 
so....something on my wish list is getting bought :)

and its my first pair of toms!!!!

i have heard great things about them and how comfortable they are. 
i LOVE comfortable shoes.
and i am amazed at the organization and their one for one movement.
its an excellent venture that i am proud to support, 
while getting an awesome pair of shoes!

i would love to wear this dress to a wedding. 
its gorgeous. 

i think i might ask for one of these for my birthday!
currently i am awful about carrying around my nice camera in my purse 
with very little protection. 
one of these would be great as it looks like a purse, 
but gives protection to the bag!!

i also really like the sugarplum and black

this would be fun to play with.

well thats it for this week's pin*love. 
it has been fun :)



  1. i am currently coveting my first pair of toms! i have a friend who highly recommends the vegan ones. xoxo

  2. i dont know when i am going to have time to get them...im hoping next weekend!!!

  3. I have yet to jump on this Pinterest band wagon, but it seem it may be time to check it out. Thanks for your lovely comments! ;)

  4. i love it. and can waste too much time pinning!
    thanks for stopping by!