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Thursday, March 10, 2011


its very gloomy in toronto (and most of ontario). 
the snow is melting, but we are getting tons of rain. 
the grey skies and cold temperatures are affecting everyone's mood. 

in lieu of this my pinboard of the week are places and spaces
wonderful places that will bring some happiness to my life 
(and hopefully yours!)

mexico  (source)

tulips (source)

paris (source)

greece (source)

i would love to go to mexico, greece or paris. 
dipping my toes in water, walking along sand with my barefeet
feeling the sand in my toes, splashing the water around 
and taking in the warm sunlight and amazing colours.

or wandering streets and cafes in paris, speaking a few french words
that i can vaguely remember and indulging in croissants and wine.


it all sounds so lovely. 
instead i will walk to my local pizza joint in the cold rain 
for a slice of comfort that comes in lots of carbs and cheese.
total deliciousness. 

are you indulging tonight?


  1. Love these pictures - I've just started to dream about holidays for later in the year... very taken with the thought of sun, sea and sand between my toes! Especially when it's so dreary outside.

  2. do you have any places you are going to go for your holidays???