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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

edit to pin*love last week....

so last week on my pin*love post -
i posted about this camera bag that i thought i would ask for my birthday. 
clearly, i didnt do my research well enough. 
although it is a gorgeous bag, and i LOVE it, 
i found another bag that would fit with my lifestyle much better.

this lowepro passport sling camera bag is definitely for me!

when i am out and about i always have a sling/messenger bag
so that i can keep my hands free
for whatever i might need them for, 
especially when taking pictures. 

currently i just use my messenger bag/purse
which is not safe for my camera!!

this bag would allow my hands to be free, 
as well as some extra space for the other things i carry with me.

its perrrfect!
i also love the random shape.

so that is that. 
new wish!!


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