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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ottawa weekend...

i was hoping that i would have a 
fun photo weekend adventure post
from my trip to ottawa.

unfortunately some unruly weather, a lost camera and
things not going as planned...

ended up in just a few pictures to share. 

road trip sign

road trip team

our hosts - the brothers

our very slow drive home

overall, we had a great weekend. 
we were able to see a friend from university and her man, 
some of our cottage friends and matts family (aunt/uncle x2, grandpa).
we took in a {pretty horrible but fun nonetheless} sens game.

i truly love the city of ottawa and was disappointed that 
we couldn't go skating on the canal and wander around the market.
instead we had some great conversations
and even did a little shopping.

after being away all weekend
i am looking forward to a quiet week with a lot of time to read.


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