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Sunday, March 20, 2011

adventure update...

here is a little photo tour of my recent adventures...

{click to enlarge photos}
{warning - image heavy}

brunch with 3 of my favourite ladies. 
we went to this great place on queen east.
it was delicious, affordable and had huge portions!

canadian music fest!
in toronto there is a week that is full of canadian music
this year matty and i got wristbands and went to some shows.
my high school friends brother leads the russian futurists
his music is lots of fun and it was a great show in an awesome venue. 
the stage was the landing of a skateboard ramp.

dinner with my uni roomies!!!!
a walk on the danforth and then an amazing greek dinner.
soo delicious with some fantastic ladies.
and some wicked garlic breath!! haha. 

st pattys day celebration!!!!
went out with some friends for some beers.

so many fun adventures lately. 
and now that the weather is becoming more spring-like, 
i am feeling a new energy.


  1. what a great post! i love the photos. xoxo

  2. thanks chrissy!!!
    it was fun to re-cap things i have done :)