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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

my feet (and the rest of me) are excited!!!

i love plans. 

...because its exciting
to talk to friends or family and come up with 
fun adventures to have together.

...because i LOOOVE have something
fun to look forward to 
for me...its part of the fun. 

this week i have some FUN plans

~meeting up for dinner with my 2 uni roomies
(girls night!)

~out for st pattys day
(with cottage friends - fun!)

~matts celebration dinner 
(6 months into his job)

~fooseball tournament
(fun with some of matts friends)

~seeing my lovely friend sarah who lives in bc
(only get to see her once a year :( its sad)

~an extra long weekend!
(i have friday and monday off)

so exciting. 
and it all starts tomorrow!!!!!

any exciting plans in your future?


  1. hey pretty lady!
    i loveeee having plans too, it's so fun to have so much to look forward to!
    that's a solid list you got there, sounds awesome. have fun and hope to see you soon:)


  2. Making plans is great! Sometimes I feel like I should make plans a really long time before they happen, just so I can look forward to them as long as possible :)

  3. juile - hope you are having fun with your weekend plans. the sun is beaming and its awesome!!

    tschitschi - right now i have a plan for october that i am sooo excited about!!! thanks for stopping by :)