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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


a few new things on the blog!

i love organizing....
so i have added horizontal bar above with some quick links.

about me - pretty obv section

my buttons...i have NO idea if they work...can someone let me know?!

features...things that i am / hoping to post about on an ongoing basis

and i am working on a frequent reading with links to my fav. blog reads.

check em out! 


  1. i tried posting both buttons and had some glitches with both. the first came out as ginormous - like, 4x6 - and the second was sorrounded by these crazy hyroglyphs or something. probably both simple fixes on your end. lemme know when i can try again and support your blog with a button post! xoxo

  2. thanks for letting me know!
    i will work on it and let you know when its done!