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about me

hi friend! 

thanks for stopping by!

a little bit about myself?!

i am in my early 30's. 
i live in canada - so i get to enjoy all 4 seasons; 
scarves & mitts
rain boots and jackets
sandals and dresses
sneakers and long sleeves

(my 30th birthday - i walked around with balloons attached to me all day)

i love everything comfortable, going on adventures, 
eating food, drinking tea, taking pictures
but most of all i love my family and friends.
normal things that normal people like and like to do.

this blog is just here to capture my adventures
 and my day to day. 

here is some more information - 100 things about me. 
i divided into 2 parts, so click below!

part two

ill keep adding links here when i posted things about myself:
5 questions
hair play

a little bit about the people around me: 
matty (my man)
rufus mcfly (the dog)