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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

100 things about me...part deux

ok so here we go with part deux!

50 things...
51. i love felt tip pens
52. i prefer cross country skiing to downhill
53. i have travelled to the following places: london (england), bali, new zealand, singapore, malaysia, thailand, cambodia, laos, mexico and various places in US and canada
54. as a little/grown up girl i have never dreamed about my wedding and what it would look like...i am starting to think about it now that i have someone amazing in my life though
55. a few years ago, i lost 25 pounds without having the intention of losing weight....
56. i have maintained that weight
57. when i was a kid, i wanted to be a marine biologist
58. in new zealand i crossed "swim with dolphins" off my bucket list
59. the olympics are my favourite sporting event
60. i am afraid of heights
61. but i went sky diving once, got the video tape to show my family because they never would have believed me otherwise. it was the first time my mother heard me swear repeatedly. but we have since lost the tape :(
62. i had a reoccurring dream as a child - i was at the dinosaur museum with my family when all the doors closed and i was stuck in the room with the t-rex bones. it came alive and started chasing me, eventually i was able to get out and ran to my family (who were already in the car)...when i got in the car, they were aliens (3 heads, lots of eyes etc.). then i would wake up.
63. last week i was a book worm and read A LOT
64. i have no grandparents left and miss them all terribly
65. my degree is in human kinetics
66. i was once a page at queens park (in grade 8 i lived in toronto, stayed with friends of the family and worked in the parliament for 6 weeks - its a pretty big {nerdy} deal!)
67. one time in florida - i almost drowned in a lazy river. the current was moving pretty fast and these boys were goofing around and somehow i got stuck under all these inner tubes and couldnt get to the surface for air. i panicked almost drowned (probably just in my head - but it was realllly scary!)
68. my family used to spend 6 weeks of every summer at my cottage
69. most of my closest friends now are friends i grew up with at the cottage; we only saw each other for 6 weeks of the year but have formed very strong friendships
70. i met matt at my cottage (he was/is one of my brothers bff's)
71. i have never dated anyone my age - always younger or older...usually younger
72. there is a chance i will be taking a trip to hawaii in october!!!!!!
73. i play sudoku 
74. i only have 4 cousins; 2 aunts and 2 uncles
75. my favourite quote and one of the easiest ways to make me smile is from the movie finding forrester "an unexpected gift at an unexpected time" ... 100% believe that (doesnt have to be big, expensive or cost anything at all)...i am lucky - matt brings me unexpected gifts :)
76. the words i live by are "its all about balance" 
77. when i was little, every year for christmas i would ask my mom for a golden retriever puppy in my stocking. every year i would get a gund stuffed animal retriever, but never got the real thing; i would just die if that ever came true
78. how the grinch stole christmas is my favourite christmas book/movie
79. i own a honda civic; it is a stick shift
80. i am left handed
81. i wish i could be on the amazing race - i have looked into all the fine print, i need to find myself an american...
82. my all time favourite season is spring, but i also really love summer and early fall days
83. i have a really hard time trusting and opening up to people, but once i do...i will be a loyal friend for life 
84. one thing i cannot stand is when people say they are going to do something and dont do it
85. if i had a lot of money - i wouldnt buy lots of clothes or things, but live modestly and travel as much as possible
86. i loathe bonnie brooks the president of the bay and her commercials...i have to turn the radio station immediately
87. currently, matt and i are watching all of the bond movies from start to finish. 
88. i ran in the city chase (like a mini amazing race) twice and have been dying to do it again
89. i really miss riding my bike to work (like i did when i lived in ottawa)
90. this year, matt gave me the most thoughtful and beautiful valentine; i cried. 
91. in high school after my parents split up, i went years without crying; i probably should have gone through counselling but didnt
92. i had a livejournal account since 2002...i just recently made a fresh start here in blogger
93. i LOVE big, fun earrings, but rarely change my simple silver hoops 
94. i have a super high arch in my foot
95. i am 5'6'' and a 1/2 - apparently above average for female height
96. nature is far more beautiful than cities to me...i love sunrises/sunsets, woods, fields, open space etc. more than buildings, architecture etc.
97. before matt, i wasnt sure i ever wanted to have kids....but now i am sure i want to have a family
98. my favourite number is 8; my favourite animal is a turtle (and dogs!)
99. my ideal outfit is a pair of comfy jeans, a nice shirt with a sweater or jacket, a light scarf and some comfy flats
100. everyday, i think about how lucky i am

ok - wow. i hope i didnt repeat anything! 
thank you for sticking to the end ... if you made it!

ps...link to part one if you missed it


  1. Wow quit a list. I hope someday I can cross swimming with dolphins off my list.

  2. I always like these lists - its such small things, yet they tell you so much :)

  3. i made it to the end! love the list; funny & informative! :)

  4. thanks for reading! it was tons of fun to write :)