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Saturday, February 26, 2011

people in my life...

since i have mentioned my man a bunch. 
i figured i should introduce him!

this is matt
(also known as matty, glav, glavin or matty g)

i met matt at our cottage.
he was (and still is) a good friend of my brothers.
we grew up together during our summers at the cottage.

he is a fun loving, and very respectful man. 
he is the most easy going person i know. 
and so loyal to his friends and family.

matt LOVES his sports. 
hockey and golf are his favourites. 
but he will watch any sport.
we are both ottawa sens fans
which works out well when watching hockey games!

he is an amazing cook.
and is very good at taking care of me.
or knowing exactly what i need, when i need it. 

matt makes me laugh everyday.
and is always up for an adventure. 

i am lucky to have him in my life.


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