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Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend magic.

i have had one of the BEST weekends.


i finished my book
had a girly evening with my bff - erin. 
we ate ice cream sundaes, had girly chats and watched the kids are alright. 

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i met up with my bff jenny and we got massages and pedis, drank tea and 
generally just goofed around. 
i had a delicious dinner at one of my fav. restaurants with matts
parents and grandpa. it was lovely. 
after we watched the social network. 

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we had a nice sleep in. 
a delicious brunch and watched toy story 3. 
went to the tim burton exhibit downtown. 
his art is really imaginative and creative. 

(source 7, 8 {me})

now we are settling in for a night at the grammy's. 

oh my. it was so lovely! does it have to end?! 

how was your weekend?!

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