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Monday, February 28, 2011


well - its time to update on my feb. goals.
i didn't do a great job at accomplishing my goals this month...so some of them will carry over to march.

february goals

~pay off visa
(almost! just a couple more weeks and it will be done!)
~try 3 new recipes
~go skating
(hopefully will be going this saturday in ottawa
- as long as the weather stays cold)
~go on 2 photo-taking adventures
see photos here
~host matts friends (tomorrow!)
see photos here
~workout 3x week 
i did 3x / week for 2 of the 4 weeks
it wasnt a great workout month
~knit the mini ninja i got for christmas
didnt even start this....move it on to march
~finish my book (one day)
i finished this book and another - secret daughter 
both really great books

stay tuned for much love monday post
and my goals for march


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