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Thursday, February 17, 2011


its been a tough week around here for me. 
ive been in a little bit of a funk. 
not sure if its the winter weather, things at work or just
one of those days (turned into a week!)

so this week's pin*love are inspiring words.


(click on the picture for the source)

going on a movie date with the man tonight :)
hoping a light movie and popcorn will help lift my spirits!



  1. hey allison!!!
    i hate those weeks/little slumps..
    spring is almost here though, so be happy:)
    hope you are feeling better and that you have a great weekend!

    you and matt have to come over to have some wine and see my place soon!!

  2. hey julie,

    things are definitely getting better and the sunshine really helps!!

    do you have an evening that works for you guys? our weekends are so busy for the next little while!


  3. yeah ours too! thursdays are usually good for us!
    orrrr mondays?! how about you guys?!:)

  4. a thursday would probably work for us...
    ill talk to matt and get back to you!