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Friday, January 28, 2011

100 things about me...part one

ok - i am going to split this into 2 posts because even 50 is a lot to read!
but i figured since it is a new blog, this could be a good way to get out some random facts about me.

50 things...
1. i am a middle child
2. i have two wonderful brothers (love them a lot!)
3. my parents divorced when i was in grade 9
4. i have the most amazing boyfriend
5. i work in public health; i do drug and alcohol education
6. i love my work
7. i LOVE mexican...guac and nachos are by far my fav
8. when i was little i was mistaken for a boy, many times (i had very short hair, and wore older brother hand.me.downs)
9. because of # 8 - i have had long hair for most of my adult life
10. my guilty pleasure is the soap y&r (its a great mindless 38 minutes every now and then, thanks to rogers on demand)
11. in high school my bff and i dreamed up a plan to ride around canada in a VW van, filled with supplies and stop everywhere to talk about healthy living
12. i REALLY miss travelling
13. my favourite place on earth is my cottage
14. i swam competitively for 14 years
15. one of my favourite movies is UP
16. i love punk rock music (although dont listen to it as much anymore...mainly when im working out)
17. i also love very girly music (ellie goulding, tegan and sarah, lily allen, lauryn hill and sometimes taylor swift!)
18. i am definitely a morning person
19. my favourite drink is tea (and water)
20. i used to drink a diet coke a day (in high school) - stopped in grade 11 and have rarely drank any pop since
21. my friend erin is basically my sister, i have known her since we were little wee bebes
22. i miss real thai food, especially the 10bhat pad thai from a street vendor...but the stuff here is decently good
23. i really want to go to costa rica and peru
24. spring is my favourite season
25. i was born in may and am a taurus
26. i am also dating a taurus 
27. generally, i take lunch to work everyday
28. i enjoy chopping vegetables or fruit while watching tv or listening to music
29. my priority list of beauty maintenance is 1. haircuts 2. massages 3. mani/pedi
30. i am a sens fan, mainly because i went to school with one of the players
31. i read eat, pray, love while i was in bali...it was my favourite book at the time
32. before i started dating matt (my current bf), i was single for 4 years
33. i love the idea of going to coffee shops to read, journal, listen to music - but never want to spend the money...so usually just do it all at home instead
34. i used to hate winter, i am starting to warm up to it
35. my friends and family are the most important thing in my life
36. i absolutely love fresh fruit - all kinds but pears
37. cleaning, singing and exercise are my top 3 stress relievers
38. i am so excited to be an auntie to a little girl :) 
39. sometimes i can be very emotional
40. the movie that makes me cry every single time is - when a man loves a woman
41. i love taking pictures, to the point where im sure people get really annoyed with me
42. real simple is my favourite magazine
43. i get scared easily, especially when matt hides around the house with the agenda to scare me...he does that a lot and gets me EVERY time.
44. i can honestly say i am happy with my weight / body where it is now. it isnt perfect, but it is mine and i like it
45.  i constantly make to do lists and love crossing things off
46. i reallllly want to get a dog....
47. i always eat breakfast
48. i am a huge klutz and often hurt myself or someone else and/or break things (i.e. dropped my phone in the bath the other day and now its dead!! it was only 3 months old!!)
49. going to the movies is one of my favourite things to do
50. i am way more girly now in my life than i ever have been

link to part deux


  1. fun! looking forward to seeing part 2.

  2. You are adorable and these were so fun to read! I can't believe you can think of a second 50- so amazing!


    and thank you for stopping by my blog! ;)

  3. Thanks Steph & Danielle! Im working on part 2...hopefully for this week!