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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i am so happy to say i have already finished one of my 2011 goals. 

2011 goals...
6. create a 2010 yearbook = DONE!!

a little history....
this past fall, matt lost his granny. it was (and still is) extremely hard on the family. they have such a strong family connection, they are helping each other through. but still, she is missed by many everyday. 

during the process of getting things in order, the family spent lots of time looking at old pictures and photo albums. they compiled a wonderful slideshow and all the grandkids put together prints as christmas gifts for the family.

it got me thinking...
with this new age of computers and digital photos,we are losing those memories. i used to be so diligent at printing pictures and putting albums together, but it just hasnt happened over the past couple of years. my pictures are stuck in the computer and the times when i do still print pictures (more often than a lot of people) - they are a random collection of pictures that dont make sense or have any association to a story/memory etc.

so...here is where the 2010 photobook comes in. i am going to do a yearly photobook (for as long as i can) to chronicle our years so when i (we) have grandchildren, they will have memory books to look through. 

i had so much fun last night going through the year of pictures and sorting out which were my favourite (soooo hard to do because there are soo many!). now i just want it to be here now!!!! but i will have to wait a while before it is delivered.



  1. allison!
    what a great idea. i love to scrapbook, and haven't done it as much in the last year or so, but in 2011 i plan to do it more! i agree that photo's get lost on the computer and other places now that we have gone so digital! i have my own little photo printer and i still LOVE to print out the actual photo! it's so great, it's such a tiny canon printer that plugs into the wall and prints out the greatest pictures, might be worth looking into if you plan on doing this all the time! i haven't gone to print out pictures in over a year because of it!:) that sounds awesome and congrats on getting a goal scratched off so early!!!!!!!!! :)

    ps - thanks for the comment, today is better already!:)

  2. oh the printer sounds amazing!! i may have to look into that for a future present!