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Monday, January 10, 2011

random collection of things...

well that went by extremely fast!
overall, a rather successful weekend. 

the boys cleared off the ice to make a rink. 
so there was lots of hockey, passing the puck and skating around. 

i made the BEST snow angel (but didnt get a pic :(.)
we played lots of cards and ate delicious food.
(i think the lunch chicken and steak fajitas was my fav!)

the weekends go by so fast. 
but it was nice to see some of matts friends. 
he doesnt get to see them as often anymore. 
we live downtown and most of them live in the burbs. 
so i was glad he got some good "guy" time while we were away.

in other news - it was our "made up" anniversary date this past weekend. 
we dont really have a solid date for when we got together. 
and we dont really celebrate all that much.
but its been around 3 years(ish) since we officially got together. 
we are going out for dinner sometime in the next 2 weeks to celebrate. 
we just have to sort out a date when we can go. 
things are sooo busy already!
i thought january was supposed to slow down....

a couple things on the to do list this week...
~return library book
~put together new tv stand
~get new tv!!!
~get an oil change
~date with erin (postponed to next week); date with jenny
~christmas dinner with my dad & bros & sig. others
~go to the gym 3x
~get a haircut (but not sure i can do that this week...soooo needed though!)


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