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Saturday, January 22, 2011

friday night love

ive said a couple times in this very new blog how much i love fridays. 
tonight was no exception. 

i went to a friends for dinner and drinks and a birthday celebration. 
these are ladies i have known since i was very little. 
we have been friends through a variety of life experiences:
first loves, break ups, divorce, growing pains and lots of fun.

it was a fabulous night of delicious food 
(thai green curry and cupcakes AND chocolate cake). 
not to mention a decent amount of wine. 

it was fantastic.

on top of the fabulous evening. 
tomorrow i get to find out...
whether i will be auntie to a ... 
boy or girl!
the suspense is killing me, but i am excited to find out sooooon. 

i hope you are having a good night/day wherever you are. 

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