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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

reflecting on 2010

recently i did some reflecting and learned a couple things that i want to remember...

1. family is the most important thing to me. i love their company and i should put more effort into seeing them more often. also, family to me includes my closest of friends...some family you are born with and others you create. so for this, i am talking about both.

2. i looove heels. but i also looove flats. so....sometimes heels, sometimes flats.

3. if i get a manicure, i must go home and do nothing for 2 hours or i will ruin it and completely waste the money!

4. matt is the best man i have ever known...cherish every minute with him.

5. i learned a lot about unconditional love this year, and believe i can give unconditional love to my family (born and made).

6. must not buy what i cant afford...this is my biggest goal of 2011.

7. i LOVE getting my hair done, but it is a luxury and not a need. another goal is to spend less on it this year and one day i can indulge in amazing hair care.

8. generally i am not a good phone talker, i never have been. but i learned picking up the phone to call isnt all that bad.

9. i cant stand lipstick on me...i like how it looks on others, but not on me. i am a forever lipgloss wearer, but my favourite is still burts bees lip balm.

10. i can get sucked into boring, pointless tv. so just watch the shows you want to watch and then turn it off or go to our reading corner and do something else.


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