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Friday, January 7, 2011

friday love...

TGIF - i love fridays!!!

today especially. 
matt and i are going to one of his friends cottages for the weekend.
i am so excited to get out of the big city 
and have a fun winter wonderland weekend away.


it's been a long week back to work. 
i havent been sleeping that well, and its so hard getting up in the morning. 
hopefully next week will be a little easier.
i have been going to the gym and killed my arms/back yesterday. 
the pain is goooooood. or so i keep telling my body.

also, i have made a couple new recipes already that i will post next week. 
i forgot to take pictures, but think i will start taking pics and posting recipes i like. 
ive been on a 'trying new recipes' binge. 
so id like to document them in case i want to use them again!

also - i look forward to this...# 337 of awesome things

ok. i guess i should get back to work. 
happy {almost} weekend!

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