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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

5 questions...

posted this...so i thought i would give it a go. 

1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be?
i like being close to my family and friends...as they are very important to me. 
but ill pick something that i likely will never do, but would love it....
 live on the beach somewhere.
(anywhere central or south america area or bali)
own a hostel/guest house where travelers come to stay. 
yoga in the mornings, lots of yummy food/drink, games to play
and bikes for people to tour around the area.
there would be hammocks and lots of lounging chairs. 
with books to read and journals to write in. 

(beach in malaysia) 

2. Are you happy with where you live?
i am happy where i am now, because it is a great city 
and i am close to my friends and family. 
sometimes i have a hard time with how big it is and how long it takes to get around.
(and i miss ottawa for its smaller size)
but for right now, where i am in my life...
toronto is the place i want to be!
i also love my area - so many places to wander and explore, 
lots of great shops and parks and paths and restaurants.
(cn tower)

3. How often do you go on vacation?
like julie - about one a year. 
i love to travel to places and see things. 
last year was a trip out east to nova scotia, the year before mexico. 
this year - hopefully hawaii!!!!! 
im saving my pennies to get me there.
                                             (nova scotia)                                       (mexico)      

4. If you could change your profession and start all over what would you do?
honestly, no. 
i like where i work and what i am doing. 
public health can be a frustrating place to work
(such big, complicated issues to deal with - and so little resources to do so)
but i love the idea that i can/might/do make an impact on someones health.

5. Are you honestly happy right now?
honestly, yes.
i have goals that i am working towards
and as many people feel...at 30, i am not where i thought i would be. 
but i embrace everyday and am blessed with so many great things. 
a job i love, an amazing family that means the worlds to me, 
a man to share my life with 
(he continues to amaze me with how wonderful he is)
friends that will last a lifetime
and so many opportunities to have fun, amazing adventures.


well that was fun!
thanks for reading!!

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