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Friday, February 3, 2012

the good. the bad. the ugly.

Let's go backwards to end on the good, shall we?!

~ Dropped a plate on my baby toe; it's swollen (so I can't wear most of my shoes), and I'm walking funny.
~ TOTAL bad mood Wednesday evening.
~ The amount of MUD on my winter jacket. Really need to wash it.

~ The really gloomy, cold, windy day that followed the really nice sunny day...can spring come early like Wiarton Willy said?!
~ Having to say no to a friends wedding (too much $ and time)
~ Modern family re-reuns?! What's with that?!

THE GOOD (really good)
~ +10 celcius in JANUARY. it doesn't get better than that!
~ Gossip girl REVEALED!
~ Couscous, pasta salad, homemade chicken fried rice = successful first week meals for my Eat Right For Your Type (ERFYT) diet.
~ That bad mood Wednesday night - somehow Matty got me out of it without me even noticing...not sure how he does that...secret powers I think.
~ Finishing Dexter Season 6 - finally! WOOOZERS.
~ Weekend plans - things to look forward to.



  1. I agree with your frustration on Modern Family!! I finally get all caught up only to find that the next episode is one I've already seen. o.0