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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

5 things.

1. This winter has been abnormally mild. 
In some ways, I enjoy the more mild weather when I am out walking or running with the dog. However, I wish there was white snow, rather than the muddy, wet grossness that is the current state outside right now. I wish we could enjoy more winter activities while it is (supposed to be) here. Or I wish the temperature was just a little warmer with some more sun to make us feel like it's spring. In the end, it would just make me happy if the weather would just make up it's mind and be either Winter or Spring. This in between is getting tiring.  

2. Post-blood type diet - I am thoroughly enjoying food again. 
The diet was not for me and although I am indulging a little than I probably should - it's nice to be back. I think my favourites to be enjoying again are cheese (all kinds), tea, peppers, anything mexican, steak and bacon. YUM!!
The secret (ok it isn't really a secret) is out - I LOVE food. And am thoroughly enjoying it again.
(Past posts about this diet can be viewed here)

3. I can't believe March is just around the corner (tomorrow to be exact!). 
Time seems to be flying so my wish in #1 might come true soon, and we will hopefully have some spring-like weather more often than not! March is also a very busy month for Matty and I. We have 3 road trips planned to visit fun people and places. 

4. Next week (or the week after) - my friend and I are challenging each other to not wear black
I own a LOT of black. I wear it almost everyday in some piece of clothing or another. So bring on the colour challenge to kick start early spring! A few exceptions include: black tights, black shoes (or I would have nothing to wear on my feet!) and a pattern with black is ok (we are meeting on Thursday to work out all the challenge details). 

5. Most of the time my brain thinks in random thoughts like this. 
No connection to each other, no flow, just random things floating around with no where to go. I think that is why I like this blog...it captures the random thoughts for me so I can move on with my day to other equally as random things.
(I am pretty sure this is one of the things about me that drives Matty nuts!)

A am currently loving this song!

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