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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

eat right for your type - week one.

Well it has been a week of trying the new "diet". 
So far it has been ... let's say ... interesting

The biggest conclusion ~ it is very much a diet that you have to make your own food ALL the time. Being away from home for a couple days put a little snag into the diet plans. 
Read: the diet went out the window for superbowl sunday. 

Other than the one day of slip up - I am following it and not necessarily loving it so far. I haven't noticed a huge change in how I feel (I'll spare the details), although I believe it is affecting my mood - as I am often grumpy (which if you know me, is NOT normal). 

I am finding it challenging to find suitable snacks on top of constantly making food. It definitely takes a lot more time than throwing easy meals together, like I am used to doing. I am sure after a while it would become second nature, but we will see if there is any benefit before deciding on continuing or not.

The first week of food consisted of: 
~black bean and couscous salad (with a few substitutes)
~apple, walnut pasta salad
~lots of avocado on various things
~lots of fruits and veggies
~rice cakes and pb and honey
~lots of lemon water and green tea
~chicken fried rice
~chicken and veggie stirfry
~turkey tostadas (which were very strange to eat without salsa!)

First week done. 
Week two - here we go! 

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