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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

eat right for your type. week 3

Well it has been 2 full weeks of eating for my blood type. 

so far I have noticed the following: 
  • I am constantly hungry
  • I am moody and mainly grumpy
  • I have put on 5lbs
  • I feel less bloating and seem to have had less "feeling fat" days - but I don't get either of those very often anyways.
The first 3 items are enough for me to conclude this diet is not for me! 

I am going to continue following the diet, while slowly adding things I have eliminated and missed to see how my body reacts as I re-introduce them. 

So far I added butter yesterday, and there was no reaction at all. No more dry toast! Yippee! 
Today I had my first black tea (plain old orange pekoe) in 15 days and boy did I miss it! It wasn't as smooth of a re-introduction as the butter, so I will be sure to limit my intake.

So that is that. Half way through the month! 

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