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Friday, February 10, 2012

the good, the bad, the ugly

The Ugly. 
~My mood these days (can we say grumpy?!)
~The forecast of minus 20 degrees Celsius tomorrow...so cold.

The Bad. 
~Finding dog hair in my cup of tea....super gross.
~Realizing I haven't used my camera since the Winter Wonderland Weekend...what is WRONG with me?! 
~The shopping withdrawal I am going through. Must stay strong and save instead of spend.

The Good. 
~An upcoming MOVIE filled weekend
~Just the weekend...in general
~The new show SMASH 
~My (soon-to-be) sister in law is going to teach me how to knit, score!
~Sunshine. It's all around Toronto these days and it is glorious (except for today)
~Honey and Avocado's. I put that sh*t on everything!
~My friend is having a baby today!!!!! 
~My dog when he pushes his face into my body when he is feeling sucky. It's ah-dorable! 

Maybe on a more positive spin - I will change this next week to The Bad, The Good, The FABULOUS?! I clearly have more in the positive column than in the Ugly column. 
Also, I am thinking of doing a new fabulous project when my birthday rolls around (not till May...I told you I was a planner). 

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