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Monday, March 19, 2012

Color challenge

so last week my friend Erin and I did a colour challenge.
I'll say it went ok, although it is tough to not wear black!
It is definitely my go-to, especially for sweaters (aka party cardi's). 
I wear a lot of sweaters...I barely go anywhere without them.

We didn't do so well on getting pictures, but here are 4 of each of us.
If I am to ever do this again, I will need to work on my pictures...they are terrible!

(some of Erin's pants might look black but one is actually purple 
and the other are tights that were acceptable according to the rules)

Anyways it was fun. 

Currently I am going bananas over this amazing spring/summer-like weather we are getting. Our timing was perfect to get us all hyped up for spring and summer. 
And I am spending as much time outside as possible! 


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