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Monday, March 26, 2012


Lately I have been pretty good about doing regular workouts. 
Most of the time I am running, and I have been seeing some improvement and a significant change in my mood. Even though it is {sometimes} hard to make the move to actually put on the clothes and get out, I always feel better after. 

I saw this image on this blog and had to repost it. 

(I do not know the origin of this image)

It is significantly colder today than our recent temperatures, so it is going to be a little harder to get out. But after seeing this message and laughing, I will head out with the dog and likely be glad I did. 

So here's to exercise, feeling good and sunshine! 

Ps...I need some new workout music - any suggestions!?


  1. I wish I could make myself run more but the few times I do, I admit I feel great the rest of the day... the same about eating better too. As for music it depends what you like. I'm a country fan myself but some Katy Perry and Pussycat dolls does make me want to burn more energy.

    1. Katy Perry is definitely good running music! I have such a range when I'm exercising, as long as it's upbeat, I'm open to it. Mostly it's punk rock, alternative rock and catchy pop music (but I have a little pop country too!). Apparently I'm all over the place! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great quote! Three of my current faves:




    Happy running!

    1. Thanks for the song suggestions Andrew! 2 new ones (I have the Millencolin) to add to the rotation.