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Sunday, April 1, 2012

burger and fries.

This past weekend was wonderful.
Matty and I went out of town to visit with my bestie from University. 
We spend a relaxing weekend with her hubby and baby Gwen. 

Sometimes one needs to be forced to slow down and relax. 
That is what this weekend did for us. 

Upon our return to the city, we helped my brother move.
(for the last time this year ~ he's been on the MOVE this year!)
and then he treated us to a tasty burger at the Stockyards. 

It was unbelievably delicious. 

I ate the Green Chili Pimento Burger and fries. 
The boys had the Animal. 
We were also there when it was chicken and ribs night. 
So we got some ribs to taste. 

It was a great way to end the weekend. 
Check out their website here


{Luckily, I have tomorrow off as well...so I am enjoying this evening with the wonderful thought of having a productive day tomorrow. The list is made, the plan of attack is ready, after a good night sleep - I'll be ready to go!}

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