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Monday, April 16, 2012

my puppy...

I wasn't blogging at the time of the new addition to our family. 
So I thought I would share the story of Rufus McFly!

(the day we picked him up)

A little history: 
I have always wanted a dog. Growing up I wouldn't leave my parents 
alone about wanting a dog. 
Every year at Christmas, they would get me a stuffed animal dog. 

Which was wonderful, but not exactly what I wanted.
{I always dreamt of waking up on Christmas morning to a golden retriever in my stocking}

Matty's family got a dog when he was just in his twenties. 
He is a dog person through and through. 

How it happened: 
We had been talking about dogs for over a year. 
Our discussions revolved around what breed would we get, puppy vs older dog etc.
Obviously I fought for a golden, Matty wanted a husky. 
We started looking at other breeds, seriously considering Bernese Mountain dogs. 
We started looking at breeder websites, and adoption websites. 
We watched Ceasar Milan on Saturday mornings just to get our dog fill. 
{yes, we are nerds}
I forget who sent the email first - but we started looking at some pictures of puppies on an adoption website (petfinder.ca)
They were adorable, I wish I had a picture. 
We started seriously considering it, and thought what is the harm in applying?!

So we did. 

Three days later we brought Mr. Rufus McFly home with us!

About Rufus McFly
He was (around) 8 weeks when we brought him home. 
He was clumsy and couldn't make it up the stairs because he was too small!
He weighed about 10lbs and was so soft. 
He is a sheppard, lab, collie cross. 
And he is just the sweetest dog. 

We think he is just over a year now.
He weighs about 70lbs. 

He is a mixture between being super hyper (especially when we go somewhere new or we have company - he LOVES meeting people and dogs) and a suck (usually after he has had lots of exercise and is rather tired)

He has been a brilliant addition to our family. 


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